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Walking through your spiritual awakening can have you feeling like a “lone wolf” as you wake up to new truths about who you are in the world.

Your old tribe may not feel like they fit anymore and you may not feel as though people get you and what you’re experiencing these days.

This happened for me several years ago and as I arrived in California, I found women around me who fully expressed themselves in ways I didn’t even know were possible. My personal growth and my leadership accelerated exponentially because if the women around me could have what they wanted, so could I! 

This is the power of sisterhood aligned with ease, personal growth and a willingness to do the inner work as the core intention. As I stepped fully into my power, I found myself on the phone with so many amazing women that I started to realize, wait a second, I know all these incredible, like-minded women but they didn't know each other! This is how The Courage of Ease Immersion was born. 

This ease-based, Courage of Ease sisterhood journey is for a female-identifying human who is about 1-3 years into their personal development and spiritual awakening. Whatever happened on your journey to wake you up to bigger questions, greater truths and deeper quests inside yourself, just know that you’re far from alone.

This is a very intimate gathering of a highly-curated group of six or less who gather weekly for 8 weeks on Zoom video conferencing to connect on the individual topics articulated in the Courage of Ease Blueprint. These topics build on each other and include: 


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