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You know that feeling where you’re doing all the “right” things, you’re saying all the mantras, you’re releasing the old stuff, saying the prayers, journaling your heart out...


...all the human things still feel like you’re schlepping your way through the day and sh** just still feels hard. Your energy levels are lackluster, the manifestations feel like they’re on perpetual hold by the Universe, you can’t remember the last time you felt genuinely lit up for more than a fleeting hour at a time every couple of weeks at an event and your body and you seem to be working against each other.


Listen, love. There is no shortage of spiritual learnings out there. The more you learn, the easier it *should* get, right?

It can feel easier to keep learning than trying to find ease in your relationship to your body, your family, your money, your career and other “human” things.

Except, that’s where the true spirituality gets practiced — right smack in the middle of spirituality and humanity. #integration

INTEGRATION gets wayyyyy overlooked as so many of us seek the next high of what we’re gonna learn next. Integration isn’t as sexy. But it’s also a form of “spiritual hoarding” to keep all that magic up in your head and not let it truly help you on the human level, too (not to mention all the people you’ll help once you get your spirit-meets-human-connection straightened out).

If you’re the kind of human who takes 60 potent minutes of 100% intuitively-tailored coaching and runs with it, I’m soooo game to help you up-the-ease and leverage all those incredible superpowers you have cultivated.

The Let It Be Easy 1:1 Coaching Experience is a sacred gift to yourself that includes:

  • 60 minute, intuitively tailored call per month with Krystal

  • Around-the-clock access to email support with 24-hr response window

  • 3, 6 or 12-month commitments available

INVESTMENT: $500 per month

(paid-in-full bonuses available)

Call me. Literally. Set up a call below so we can get you supported as we transition seasons and gear up for 2019 (year of emergence - you heard it here folks).

If you needed a sign, you’re lookin’ at it. 💫