Courage of Ease Community Visualization & Resources

Helping to Restore Calm and Ease to California During Wildfire Season


Mother Nature is wise beyond what we can comprehend sometimes. In the end, I trust her.


We are very powerful to quite literally SEE an end to the wildfires. Our collective vision amplifies our individual visions, which is why I’m calling on you to join me for a brief (<10 mins) and potent collective visualization and prayer.

California is seeing some of the most intense fires in state history and the season has only just begun. Our collective energy can do a lot for quelling these fire storms.

Wherever you are in the world, let’s come together.

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Here are the most helpful resources I’ve encountered for you to be able to help those affected by the fires AND take care of you if you’re in regions where air quality is low. Here you go, loves.


CAL FIRE “Ready for Wildfire” App

If you live in California, this app is very useful to know what’s happening in the region. It also has thorough readiness guidance, as well as a map of current fires.


Comprehensive How-to-Help Guide by Goop

Gwenyth Paltrow’s Lifestyle Brand and Company, Goop, put an amazingly comprehensive guide together of how to help those affected by the California fires. It includes Alerts & Resources, State-Wide Donation Collection, Ventura & LA Counties (Hill Fire & Woolsey Fire) resources and foundations in California to support.



A friend of mine, Lily DelaLuna, a Holistic Nutritionist, found herself in the outskirts of last year’s fires in Sonoma County. She hosted these livestreams in an effort to educate people in the region of what kind of particulates get thrown into the air through a fire like this including burning plastics, asbestos, pesticides, mercury and a variety of other toxins.

In Video #1, Lily speaks with Juan de la Cruz, a former Cal Fire Firefighter, with 10 years of experience of testing the land for toxins and his experiences with what happens during these fires.


In Video #2, Lily speaks with Dave Sandoval, a partner under the brand Purium, an organic, non-GMO, holistic brand of supplements. Dave shares some very practical tips on how to create a protective barrier inside and outside your body to try and trap the particulates in the air so you don’t ingest them through your skin, lungs, eyes, ears, etc. I put one of these tips into action immediately which was using coconut oil to barrier myself skin, nose and mouth from ingesting toxins as much as possible. He explains exactly how to do that in this video.

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