Rose Micro Meditation

Rose Meditation - Photo.png

This week I found myself at a lakeside park for hours. Literally...hours.

I watched the water pulse towards the shore, the breeze bounce through the trees and the squeals of children playing at the park. I took a nap in my car and let nature envelop me and soothe my nervous system from the inside out.

Following my nap, I went for a nature walk in an opulent neighborhood nearby. It's funny to me because through my mind's eye, I thought I was going on an abundance activation walk. This is what I call walks through very opulent neighborhoods and I consciously presence myself to the abundance that surrounds me. While I "thought" I knew what was happening, something else took place entirely.

I ended up in a lakeside rose garden. Mmmm...

I took photo after photo of singular magenta roses (my favorite color!) surrounded by lush green bushes and bright blue sky and waters behind them. It was GORGEOUS. I took over 100 photos of this scenery and yet, there's one :17 video of a cluster of pink roses that absolutely stole my heart. The sounds, the colors, the movement...just divine.

Turns out, these single roses ended up being the abundance activation that I needed, not the half million dollar lakeside properties. Interesting, eh?

For me, it's how these roses make me feel in my heart.

For you, it might be something entirely different.

My invitation is for you to take a deep breath and click play below.

Be with this cluster of pink roses.

Play it as many times as you feel called to and see what you become present to within yourself.

Let yourself go deep within and see what's there.

Let the ancient land and waters of Lake Erie call forward your deep inner callings.

Let the ease wash over you.

Let these sacred roses remind you of your nature.

Krystal BrandtComment