I Made It Through...


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I made it through

The dark, dark months

The relentless stripping

Of all that suited no more

I turned an undeniable corner

It was just on time

I begged, I pleaded for that corner

And it arrived in the hand of the Divine

All this power I thought I had

Was a false illusion that cut deep, deep, deep

The more I surrendered, the more got stripped away

The more I lined up with the truth of me, amen

The truth of me reaches beyond the known measures

No perfectionism could save me

From the pain of hiding in comfort

Comfort that nearly swept me away

Revisiting who we are is an imperative practice

For we change vastly on the growth path

If we deny the call to reset

the universe will kindly and fiercely do it for us

Flags pass by, hiding chosen again

Safety trumping truth

Until truth emerges as it does

To break open what hardened over time

Coming back to love

Alignment at the core

Nature in harmony with itself

Modeling for us to live the same


Photo by: Jayne Goodall